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I have included questions specifically addressing each theory to help you with t


I have included questions specifically addressing each theory to help you with the analysis, so choose one set of questions depending on the theory you decided to use to analyze these images. Make sure to watch the Khan Academy video I uploaded in this Module Reading section to see an example of an analysis. Choose ONLY ONE set of questions, Marxism OR Structuralism, linked to a theory:Marxism Theory:Observe the images closely and identify how these works reflect the socioeconomic conditions of the time. How does it reflect the social inequalities and what does it tell us about the class struggle of that particular historical time? Write 2-3 paragraphs with specific examples. Structuralism Theory:Identify two symbols from each painting.
Mention the denotation (direct meaning) and the connotation (emotional meaning prescribed by culture) of each symbol.
Now see how these meanings help us understand the cultural conventions present in these images. What do they tell us about that particular historical time?
* These paintings represent the Victorian Era where women had little to no means of being independent, and the only way to ensure societal status was marriage. So think about these concepts when you are doing your analysis. Do you see anything that poses an importance implying a hidden meaning? For example, what does a white dress symbolize?
Requirements: .doc file | Essay | 1 pages, Single spaced