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I’m working on a writing report and need a sample draft to help me learn.For thi


I’m working on a writing report and need a sample draft to help me learn.For this assignment, you will attend one play and write a critical review.Your critique will include…Mention of the play title and the playwright
Mention of the performance date and the performance location
Mention of the producing company
Knowledgeable critique the work of one or more actors
Address at least two of the five critical contexts as discussed in the handout from Cohen’s Theatre as they pertain to the direction and design of the production
Your ticket stub, playbill, and rubric – all stapled to the final draft
All written assignments must comply with current MLA formatting. This means your paper must…Be typed, double spaced Have 1-inch margins on all four sides
Be in Times New Roman, 12 pt. or Arial, 10 pt. Be stapled in the upper left-hand corner
Follow MLA format for works cited and in-text citations
Not include cover sheets, folders, or report covers
Include all prewriting and previous drafts stapled to the back of the final copy
All assignments should include the following MLA-formatted heading at the top left of the paper:
Student’s NameInstructor’s NameCourse Number and TitleDate (in inverted format, day/month/year, 30 January 2008)All standard conventions of proper English – grammar, mechanics, spelling, etc – must be employed.Only after you’ve followed these instructions and proofreadyour paper, you may turn this in for a grade.LATE WORK POLICY (from syllabus): All assignments are due at the beginning of the class session on the posted due date. If an assignment is emailed, it must be in my inbox before the beginning of the class session on the posted due date AND a printed copy must be turned in during the next class period. For any late assignment, the penalty will be the loss of one letter grade on the assignment for each day that it is late. Computer and/or printer problems, whether at home or on campus, will not be accepted as excuses for turning work in late.FURTHER HELP…FIRST paragraph/INTRO1. Mention the play title and the playwright2. Mention the performance date and the performance location3. Mention the producing companyIntroduce your paper by introducing the performance, giving the reader all the info he/she needs to research or attend the show him/herself. All of this info can be found on the front or inside of your playbill and should be nestled into an opening paragraph. You can use first person here. (ex. “I attended Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night at the Belasco Theatre in NYC on Saturday, February 15th 2014. The performance was produced and transported from London by Shakespeare’s Globe Company… you will then go on to round out your intro with a thesis, etc.) This example gets the job done, but it’s not very exciting writing. I encourage writing that does MORE than get the job done.PARAGRAPH 24. Knowledgeably critique the work of one or more actors Take a look at one actor’s performance. Discuss what decisions he/she made about how he/she would perform the role. What of his/her performance stood out to you? Was he/she successful? How could he/she have improved? BE SPECIFIC. (Anytime you discuss the actor’s choices/performance/skill/talent/etc., you should mention him/her by her REAL name, NOT the character’s name. Anytime you discuss what the CHARACTER does within the plot of the play or the CHARACTER’s state of mind, etc., you should use the CHARACTER’s name.)PARAGRAPHS 3 and 45. Address at least two of the five critical contexts as discussed in the handout from Cohen’s Theatre as they pertain to the direction and design of the productionLook at that short reading assignment I posted on Blackboard earlier in the semester. Cohen wrote about 5 different critical contexts – Artistic, Entertainment, Personal, Historical, and Social – through which we can look at a piece of theatre. Write about two of these and how this performance addressed/hinted at it. Place the discussion of these critical contexts each in its own paragraph.PARAGRAPHS 5Wrap it up with a tidy conclusion that finalizes in your reader’s mind YOUR impression of the performance. It is okay to advise potential audiences to attend or avoid the show, as long as you have clearly SUPPORTED that standpoint throughout the essay.AND… 6. Attach ticket stub (email)REMEMBER:Remember that assignment early in the semester where you had to find a journalistic (NOT scholarly) review and post it to Blackboard? That’s essentially what you’re doing here. You should take a look at those reviews to refresh yourself on the appropriate tone for a review (hint: Your review can and should be subjective, but it should be supported by observations and it should be fair and professional.)
If you include anything that isn’t your own idea (a line from the play, a definition, etc.) you must CITE it properly in MLA format. That means you will have a parenthetical citation in the paper AND a works cited page.
Don’t skip a necessary citation simply because you don’t know how to do it. That is plagiarism and will earn you a 0 for the assignment. Learn how to cite by visiting the Learning Center, talking to me, or reviewing your English textbook.
GRAMMAR!!! SPELLING!!! PUNCTUATION!!! CAPITALIZATION!!! Seriously. I’m an English professor by night. Please – for the love of Willy Shakes – proofread your paper.
Requirements: .doc file