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Part 1: Essay Plan x 500 words (Should be given in one day)Your essay plan shoul


Part 1: Essay Plan x 500 words (Should be given in one day)Your essay plan should include the following:● Your chosen question● A bullet point plan of the contents● An indicative bibliography (not included in the word count)Part 2: Research Essay x 3000words (should be given in 3 days)For your research essay, you can either answer one of the questions below or come up with your own question (but see notes below). All arguments are underpinned by theoretical assumptions, whether implicit or explicit. In this essay you are required to make your theoretical assumptions explicit, whether by approaching the question through an explicit theoretical framework, assessing multiple approaches, or simply stating your theoretical starting point. You may write a purely theoretical essay, or apply the theory by engaging with one or multiple empirical examples or cases.Essay questions:1. Was the Cold War stable?2. Are new wars new?3. Do we have a responsibility to protect?4. Is growing securitization a problem?5. Are we living in a ‘risk society’?6. Krishna argues that ‘the discipline of international relations was and is predicated on a systematic politics of forgetting, a willful amnesia, on the question of race’ (2001: 401). Is the same true for security studies?OR: come up with your own question, in consultation with the module convenor: Choose a question of your own interest and undertake a piece of independent research, drawing on security studies and case study or issue-based analysis. Topic and working title to be agreed with module convenor. The research essay works in lieu of an exam, and will need to include: (1) a review of a relevant aspect of security studies (theory/conceptual analysis), (2) application to and analysis of a case study tied into security studies, and (3) a critical analysis of the issues raised by the research. This is an opportunity to spend some time really digging into a topic of your own interest, that relates to contemporary global security. You should aim to engage with some of the theoretical or conceptual material we have covered on the course. Please discuss your topic selection and research question with me during office hours. The final choice of essay topic has to be emailed to me and confirmed 20 November. Some examples of research essay titles from previous years include:‘How has outer space been reconceived as a fundamental security challenge for states and what are the political implications?’‘What are the effects of placing conflict-related sexual violence towards men on the security agenda?’‘Is climate change reshaping the boundaries of security studies?’The essay must include a word count on the title page.Please note that you need to follow the instructions, any late work or wrong work Will be ask for a refund.
Requirements: .doc file