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Please include in-text citations and reference page in APA format :).Purpose of


Please include in-text citations and reference page in APA format :).Purpose of Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to think about client populations and clients and the importance of appropriately locating resources for effective application relative to the identified client needs.Instructions:Human Services Professionals are charged with understanding client needs at individual levels and much more complex levels. Addressing client needs involves being able to understand the resources that are available as well. Though we work independently and under supervision, we work in concert with our colleagues and with other programs and services within the community. Utilizing diverse skillsets allow an agency/organization to offer a broader and more adaptable range of products and services. Diverse teams are more productive, perform better, and provide the opportunity for continued education and professional growth.For the Module 05 Written assignment, you are going to develop a three-page paper in which you will address the following four steps:Step 1: Identify two different client populations. Examples of client populations are as such:Clients Identifying as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered,
Clients with a Physical Impairment
Clients with Mental Health Diagnosis(es)
Clients who are Elderly
Children and Adolescents
Clients Identifying with an Ethnic Group
Clients Identifying with a Religious or Spiritual Group
Step 2: With the two client populations that you have indicated, identify 3-5 primary needs associated with many persons with this population.Step 3: Develop a hypothetical scenario for both populations that you have chosen. Be certain that you provide specifics into the problem with both hypothetical scenarios.Step 4: Identify specific community-based resources that assist with addressing the primary needs of the two client populations and the problems associated with the scenarios that you have developed. Conduct a search of local resources within your local community and national resources and provide detailed commentary specific to these identified resources.Requirements: .doc file | APA | Essay | 2 pages, Double spaced Times New Roman Size 12 font
Requirements: .doc file