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Report on Tesla business processes that helped sustainability. 3000 words This r


Report on Tesla business processes that helped sustainability. 3000 words This report addresses evaluation of your chosen business process and how it has helped your chosen company improve its Sustainability performance. The report should represent an evaluation of performance through critical evaluation of secondary data sources. A suggested structure and word count allocation is given below: 1. Introduction clearly setting out the report contents. (100 words) 2. Methodology for searches of the academic literature and other sources (250 words) 3. Company overview (200 words) 4. Sustainability Performance Data for the chosen process you are evaluating (200 words and ideally, data presentation should be in tables not included in word count) 5. Critical evaluation of your process and how it has improved company sustainability performance. (900 words) 6. Recommendations for further improvement (200 words) 7. Conclusions (150 words) 8. References (single reference list at the end of document and NOT included in the word count) Analysis of Social Media Data Set (1000 words, 40%) Through the workshops on the module, you will have gathered a substantial and unique data set on social media related to your chosen Sustainability topic for the workshop work. Your topic can differ from your report focus but must relate to sustainability. You will have established a collection of data visualisations of your data set using Tableau Software OR Excel. You are required to produce a critical analysis of your results. In order to do this, you must select the most pertinent visualisations you have produced – no more than SIX figures are expected. The report structure with word count guidance is: 1. Introduction – a brief overview of the contents of your analysis. (100 words) 2. Search Methodology – an explanation of your search terms, building on your work in the formative assessment and an explanation of limitations of your analysis. (200 words 3. Presentation of Results and critical analysis (550 words). Presentation of data visualisations MUST follow the naming conventions for each Figure covered in the workshops. 4. Conclusions (150 words).