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Risky Business You are the risk manager at Winston General Hospital. Each quarte


Risky Business You are the risk manager at Winston General Hospital. Each quarter you meet with the hospital’s malpractice carrier, the hospital attorney, the director of nurses, and the chief medical officer to review the status of malpractice claims.This year, an alarming pattern of suits is attributable to improper patient care. Several cases have involved the improper administration of pharmaceuticals. Other cases have involved the improper supervision of staff nurses in the pediatric and emergency departments. An increased number of claims are related to physicians failing to diagnose patients’ symptoms properly. Additionally, several of the hospital’s employed and contracted physicians have not been properly credentialed.In your analysis of the situation you determine that there are four (4) specific risks: medication errors, diagnosis failures, negligent supervision, and lack of proper credentialing or technical skill. You are asked to develop a plan that addresses and remedies each of these risks. Make eight (8) recommendations concerning medication errors, two (2) recommendations regarding diagnosis failures, two (2) recommendations concerning negligent supervision, and two (2) recommendations regarding proper credentialing or technical skills.APA style 1 1/2 Requirements: .doc file | APA | Essay | 2 pages, Double spaced