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Select your data review project topic, and provide a topic description that incl


Select your data review project topic, and provide a topic description that includes the problem statement and list of supporting references.Document Format and LengthSubmit your project topic, problem description, problem statement, and references in the Assessment 1 Topic Selection Template. Your finished document should be 1–2 pages in length.
Format your citations and references using APA style.
Topic SelectionNote: The requirements outlined below correspond to the grading criteria in the scoring guide. Be sure that your topic selection process addresses each point, at a minimum. You may also want to read the assessment scoring guide to better understand how each criterion will be assessed.Write a clear, one-sentence problem statement for a proposed project. State the issue in the form of a problem and add a citation.
Identify the key performance indicators and outcome measures for a proposed project. Locate authoritative sources on performance measurement.
Articulate the value of a proposed project to an organization and to one’s professional health care leadership competency development goals. Review the selected organization’s website to determine its vision, mission, culture, strategic focus, and how they provide value to the patients.
Ensure that you understand what is meant by the term value proposition.
Consider a strategic, systems perspective when contemplating value to the organization.
Be sure you have evidence to support your conclusions.
Summarize current and relevant authoritative literature. Be concise and substantive. Provide sufficient information in the summary to adequately cover the selected topic.
Visit the Capella University Library to confirm what sources constitute authoritative literature. The Library Research and Information Literacy Skillspage contains useful information on this topic. You may also wish to consult the MHA Program Library Guide.
Combine clear, coherent, and original writing, in APA style, with relevant and credible evidence from the scholarly and professional literature. Apply correct APA formatting to your source citations.
Consider how or why a particular piece of evidence supports your main points, claims, or conclusions.
Make sure your supporting evidence is clear and explicit.
Requirements: .doc file