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The fact that humans are formed in the image of God has a profound influence on


The fact that humans are formed in the image of God has a profound
influence on the character of individuals and structure of the
civilizations in which they live. All civilizations in one form or
another have pursued the big questions of human existence:Who is God?
What is a good human being?
What is truth, beauty, and goodness?
questions require answers and, as Christians, we are called to
integrate and examine all areas of our lives through our faith,
including history. How can our faith inform our study of history?The
study of history involves three levels or categories of analysis—the
Descriptive, the Interpretative, and the Evaluative. The Descriptive is
the ability to describe an event. The Interpretative is the ability to
interpret or analyze an event. The Evaluative is the ability to evaluate
an event with the Truth of Scripture. You will ask of historical events
and ideas: Was it good that it happened? Is it right? Does it conform
to biblical Truth?As you reflect upon your time in this course,
apply these three areas of analysis to a topic we explored. Sample
topics could include (but are not limited to) the following:Inequality, Democracy, Freedom, Consumerism, Capitalism, Nationalism, Poverty, Revivalism
Assignment Description:Select a historical figure or event covered in this course to discuss.
Your reflection should be 200-250 words long and address each area of historical analysis (i.e., descriptive, interpretive, and evaluative). Make sure to view this video to get a deeper understanding of these three areas of analysis and how to apply them when examining history.
you progress through the three levels of analysis, reflect upon the
cultural impact related to this topic and connect some of these
patterns, ideals, and assumptions to your own life.
Make sure to incorporate Scripture in your writing.
*See the attached reflection example to help guide you (although Turabian is still required, unlike this example). Be sure to also check the rubric for the assignment.Submit your reflection by clicking on the link above. Requirements: .doc file
Requirements: .doc file