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This assignment consists of two parts: Part A requires an analysis of Pollard Ba


This assignment consists of two parts: Part A requires an analysis of Pollard Banknote Limited (as of December 2017), and Part B requires that you submit evidence of your work on the module activities. This assignment is worth 15% of your final grade in the course.Download the Pollard Banknote Limited Annual Information Form, search the SEDAR website, or visit the company’s website.Part A (80% of the Assignment Grade)Perform an analysis of Pollard Banknote Limited by drawing on the information found in the firm’s Annual Report (as of December 2017). Your analysis can include information prior to April 2015, but do not include information post-December 2017. Bear in mind that as a strategic manager, you do not have the benefit of foresight, and hence your analysis for this assignment must be confined to the period defined in the firm’s annual and financial reports as of December 2017.Address the following in your analysis:Read the Pollard Banknote Limited report and apply Abell’s model to identify and analyze the company strategies. Your answer must clearly identify the firm’s strategies and show your awareness of strategic management theory as applied by the company. Clearly and succinctly, outline how its strategies are applied to achieve its corporate goals. Identify whether any red flags exist that Pollard must address if it is to succeed with its strategy.
Using the Porter analysis, examine the industry in which the Pollard operates. You must fully explain your assessment of the Porter forces with reference to the evidence presented in the case. As stressed in the module, the Porter analysis is of the industry/sector in which the firm operates. Focus your attention on the industry as a whole and be mindful of the segment in which the firm operates. The assessment must be complete and show your awareness of all the factors shaping the industry.
Prepare a SWOT and macro analysis (the SWOT and Macro analysis is to be presented in a table format only) of the company. Comment on the firm’s competencies, capabilities, and resources; and relate the same to the opportunities and threats confronting the firm. Using the SWOT and macro analysis as your guide, provide insights into the strategies that Pollard selected. Is the strategic direction of the firm consistent and appropriate?
Based on your awareness of the firm as revealed in questions 1–3, provide an assessment of the firm’s overall strategic options, alternatives, direction, and future outlook.
Part A should not exceed seven pages in length, and should be double-spaced using Times New Roman 12pt. Page setup: 1-inch margin on the left and right.Part B (20% of the Assignment Grade)Write a brief report that demonstrates your work on the module activities and participation in the class discussions or postings to your personal journal. Since the modules contain a broad range of activities, it will be impossible for you to discuss all of your efforts within the page limit (four pages) set for this part of the assignment. However, your report should present a fair representation of the activities that you attempted and evaluated, and an overview of your thoughts and personal musings on the problems and issues introduced in the activities and what you learned in Module 1. In addition, you can refer to questions that arose from your work on the activities. If you replied to questions posed by other class participants, indicate what your replies were and whether your interaction with other participants increased your understanding of course concepts, such as strategy formation and the strategic planning process. Do not copy and paste from your personal journal or discussion postings. Part B is an executive summary of the relevant issues/theory raised in the module activities.In addition, present your personal strategic plan (see the “Discussion Forum/Personal Journal: Strategic Planning Process Model” activity in Topic 2 of Module 1) and explain clearly what you learned about your strategic choices and decisions. Outline how you could use the strategic model in the future to map your personal progress and career.Part B should not exceed four pages in length, and should be double-spaced using Times New Roman 12pt. Page setup: 1-inch margin on the left and right.When you complete the assignment, submit it to your Open Learning Faculty Member.The assignment must be properly formatted and professional in appearance. It must include your name, TRU student ID, course name, assignment number, your TRU email address, your current location (i.e. City, Country), and other information as described in the course guidelines.Prepare Assignment 1 in Microsoft Word format. Be sure to present Part A and Part B in a single document. Assignments will not be graded if both parts are not included. Requirements: .doc file