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URGENT QUESTION WILL GET TIPWhich ecosystem zone is found at the surface of a la


URGENT QUESTION WILL GET TIPWhich ecosystem zone is found at the surface of a lake?Group of answer choicesLittoral zonePhotic zoneClimate zoneAphotic zoneFlag this QuestionQuestion 21 ptsWhich of the following is not a remarkable property of water?Group of answer choicesHas a high specific heatHas a low surface tensionPresent on Earth in 3 states/phasesExpands when it freezesFlag this QuestionQuestion 31 ptsNatural recharge affects which of the following?Group of answer choicesAquiferTrophic levelZooplanktonBiomassFlag this QuestionQuestion 41 ptsThe study of freshwater bodies is called:Group of answer choicesClimatologyEpidemiologyImmunologyLimnologyFlag this QuestionQuestion 51 ptsThis can form where the water table meets the land surface:Group of answer choicesSpringReservoirHeterotrophFood chainFlag this QuestionQuestion 61 ptsWhich of the following is not a wetland?Group of answer choicesMarshSwampEvaporiteNone of these answers is correct; these are all wetlandsFlag this QuestionQuestion 71 ptsThis biome is associated with large temperature ranges and high evaporation rates:Group of answer choicesGrasslandDesertTundraForestFlag this QuestionQuestion 81 ptsChemoautotrophs are associated with which environment?Group of answer choicesEstuariesHydrothermal ventsPondsWater tablesFlag this QuestionQuestion 91 ptsWhich of the following is not included in the abiotic part of an ecosystem?Group of answer choicesWaterAirRock materialHumansFlag this QuestionQuestion 101 ptsIn the video “How does the water cycle work”, they stated that the process that releases water vapor from trees and plants is:Group of answer choicesInfiltrationTranspirationEvaporationCondensation
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