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You have been selected by the Graduate Council to put together an initial projec


You have been selected by the Graduate Council to put together an initial project plan for a new emphasis in the graduate MBA program (your choice of emphasis).The council is in the early stages of planning. Your final deliverable should include the most important elements of a plan with special emphasis on the Risk Managementarea.A successful and highly appreciated submissionto the councilwill include:Project Charter StatementProject Communications PlanProject Risk Management PlanProject Preliminary ScheduleProject Resource PlanPost-MortemStrategyYou may feel free to use any tools (MS Excel, MS Project, @Risk) for use in any section.*** Requirement ***You must use one of the tools from the @Risk portfolio to support at least one of your sections.There is a lot of opportunity to be successful with this exercise:Use our guidelines from the mid-term exam. The due date for these assignmentsis close of business on December 18th.Please feel free to email or call me to discuss any aspect of this exercise. Length(per question): 4 (max6)pages double spaced and any 12font of your liking.Exhibits will not be counted as page count.Question 4 can be more than 4-6pages if you require more.•Remember to include a Title Page with relevant information (school, course, Mid-Term, Name, etc.)•Citations: At least 2 per question. The readings provided so far in this course should beadequate, however, if you have another of your own (peer reviewed) while it will not receive extra credit, it will be accepted. As a “failsafe” if you do not believe there is adequate support to develop an answer, call or email me and I will help you find an appropriate resource.•Writing style: I am not concerned about meeting all termsof writing guidelines such as APA, however this should be written paragraph style (eg. not bullets like a PowerPointpresentation or annotated outline.)•Conclusions: Eachquestion should have a final paragraph titled “Conclusions” and this is YOUR conclusions, not the citations.