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1- Race the Power of an Illusion: The Difference Between Us In US society and th


1- Race the Power of an Illusion: The Difference Between Us In US society and the world in general, the mythology of race as a biologically based difference has been promoted since the creation of the United States. This film shows us that race is not based on biology. Race is an idea. As the evidence is demonstrated in this film, human genetical articulation is one of the most identical of all other species.2- Race the Power of an Illusion: The Story We TellThe US is a settler colonial country. Powerful white men using weapons conquered and confiscated land from native americans. They also were able to bring captured Africans to use as slaves. To justify there behavior they created a story. This means history as we have been told is actually his-story.3- Race The Power of an Illusion: The House We Live In SummaryIn this film we arrive at the 20th century and how racism and wealth creation were systematically mapped to exclude African Americans from having the opportunity to have ownership of a house. The supreme court, the federal government openly participate in the creation of whiteness by excluding people of color from citizenship and wealth acquisition. They do that by arbitrarily deciding who can be a citizen who can enjoy there full rights and who cannot.4- True Colors SummaryThe reality of this film in the late 20th century shows how whiteness provides a quality of life that is clearly distinguishable form a person who is black. Two individuals one who is white and one who is black share what happens to them living in a midwestern city5- Michelle Alexander at Riverside SummaryWatch the video of Michelle Alexander on Jim Crow Caste System and write a comprehensive summary on the key concepts and facts of the film.Michelle Alexander brilliantly illustrates how institutional racism in its new mutated form reeks catastrophic havoc in the lives of millions of African Americans who are doomed to substandard dehumanized drudgery of non-citizenship. The new Jim Crow unleashes a level of destruction very much akin to the period of slavery in the United States.6- Harriet Washington on Medical Apartheid SummaryIn this video Harriet Washington discusses the history and ongoing maltreatment of black people in the medical field.All papers should be typed in a document using 12-point font and double spaced, and we’re looking for quality content that demonstrates you understood the material more than focusing on page length, though you should get as close as you can to page requirements Here’s a brief example guide for writing papers: (this is not a required outline, only a guide in case anyone needs it, you may write any way you chose that gets the information presented for the particular assignment across)Title of assignment handout/filmMain points, ideas, factsWhat and who does this benefitWhat and who does it cause harm How does it function, what’s its impact (using the lens of this class)Thoughts/reflection on topic
Requirements: .doc file