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Communications and ControlIn this unit, you are required to complete the followi


Communications and ControlIn this unit, you are required to complete the following sections: Communications Management and Tracking and Status Updates. Refer to your unit lesson (from this unit and last unit) and required unit resources to advance your project plan. For this unit, create the sections listed below.Communications Management: Identify all critical communications channels for project stakeholders, frequency of communications, types of information to be communicated, and the project status-tracking plan. Where appropriate, include electronic media used for collaborative purposes (e.g., Google Docs, Yammer, and Facebook). Also, in cases of geographically dispersed project teams, indicate methods for regular communications. Please review the discussion from Chapter 6 on team communication methods. An example of a communications management protocol is shown on p. 541 of your textbook.
Tracking and Status Updates: Indicate the methods the project team will use to regularly update the project status, including methods for tracking project progress, and identify which organizational stakeholders receive notification of the project status.7.1 Tracking Method: Show the method used to track project status (e.g., S-curve, earned value, milestones). Indicate the regularity of these assessments (i.e., monthly, as needed, or upon completion of major deliverables). For earned value assessments, indicate how you will provide updated cost performance index (CPI) and schedule performance index (SPI) data. See p. 542 of your textbook.
7.2 Notification Record: Provide a record of project status update communications. Indicate who received project updates, and show sign-off by key stakeholders upon their receipt of status updates.
7.3 Control Systems: Indicate the forms of project control to be used for the project, including configuration control, design control, quality control, document control, and trend monitoring. Develop control documentation for each form of control you intend to use, including a list of key organizational stakeholders who will be copied on all control documents and status updates.
Requirements: .doc file | APA | Presentation | 2 pages, Double spaced