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Discussion: Video Reflection (Separate from Assignment: Ethnicity and Race) The


Discussion: Video Reflection (Separate from Assignment: Ethnicity and Race) The video segment, Acting White discusses how some African American students have attributed academic achievement to “acting white.” They attack achieving students for excelling in school, speaking Standard English, listening to the wrong music or having white friends. They see academic achievers as being traitors or disloyal to their race. By adopting values common to the dominant culture, these students are seen as tying to ignore their own racial history and experiences. As a result, many African American and Latino students do not study as hard as European American students and do not choose the more challenging classes. Write a discussion post responding to the following questions: Is this the way we want to see our future society?
As an educational leader, how could such a situation impact your school community?
What steps could an educational leader employ to prevent such a situation?
Your response should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy. Post your discussion by clicking on Start a New Thread and then click the Post button when you have completed your response. Assignment: Ethnicity and Race Based upon your readings and viewing the video, develop a PowerPoint presentation to reflect the following scenario: Assume the role as principal in a high performing middle school. The success of the school is dependent upon the positive culture and climate of the school which represents a wide-range of culturally, racially, and socioeconomically diverse community. Although the student population reflects a wide-range of students, the school has been academically successful and has been recognized as a model school in the city. The school community is supportive of your efforts, which promotes multiculturalism. The students view the school as their second home; student achievement and attendance is the highest in the district. The superintendent, who is new to the district, has been invited to present at the National Middle School Conference for Educational Leaders, based upon the successes in your school. She asks you to accompany her for keynote presentation titled; Promoting a Positive Culture and Climate in a Multicultural Environment. In this assignment, please share the PowerPoint presentation you will use at the conference. The presentation should illustrate the effective strategies you have implemented in the school which are attributed to the school’s success. In addition, the superintendent requests a paper sharing your researched-based strategies, approach and techniques implemented in the school, so she can understand you successful strategies. As a guide, your presentation should include; but is not limited to the following: Introduction
Objective of presentation
What are the specific issues contributing to student achievement, diversity, and strengths of your students?
Instructional approaches adopted to support diversity and achievement.
Effective and reflective practices to reduce the achievement gap
Teaching strategies used to support the diverse students
Steps taking to engage the community in the school, which contributed to the school’s positive culture and climate.
References: 5 scholarly resources minimum; but other appropriate sources can be included! Paper length: 3-5 pages Slideshow Length: 15 to 25 slides
Requirements: .doc file