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Each student will prepare and submit a formal written Report via Canvas in respo


Each student will prepare and submit a formal written Report via Canvas in response to the following: ‘Critically discuss the importance of ‘Time’ as it pertains to a construction contract‘ In this assignment, students are expected to consider the relevant clauses whereby a Contractor and an Employer comply with their respective obligations in respect of time as stipulated under the contract. Students will need to discuss the issue of time in relation to possession, progression and completion of the works including consideration of the impact of variations/change orders and applications for adjustments to the Contract Completion Date. Students will make rigorous reference to appropriate and relevant JCT Standard Building Contract 2016 contract clauses throughout their submission. Word count 2,500 words. Marking Criteria: The report will be assessed according to the following marking criteria: 1. Professional presentation appropriate to a report, good written expression which is lucid and accurate and easily conveys complex ideas and argument. 10% 2. Identification and analysis of the contractual process whereby the parties to a Construction Contract comply with their obligations and liabilities in respect of time. 30% 3. Discussion on the importance and use of the clauses pertaining to time in avoiding breech of contract and in an application for an adjustment to the contract completion date. 30% 4. Conclusions and recommendations drawn from critical analysis and discussion. 15% 5. Evidence of wider reading with at least 15 citations to relevant academic and/or refereed publications. All citation must be Harvard Referencing. Case Law is excluded from citations. 15% Indicative Assignment References: Textbooks: Chappell, David. Understanding JCT Standard Building Contracts, 9thEd., Taylor and Francis, 2012, ISBN 9780415508902 Clay R. Dennys N, editors. Hudson’s Building and Engineering Contracts. 13th, London: Sweet and Maxwell, 2016. Murdock, J. R. & Hughes W. Construction Contracts: Law and Management, 4th, Taylor and Francis, 2008. Murdock and Hughes, Construction Contracts, 4th, Taylor and Francis, 2006. Adriaanse, J. Construction Contract Law, 3rd, Palgrave, 2010, ISBN 9780230230446 Galbraith’s Building and Land Management Law for Students, 6th, Elisever, 2011, ISBN 9780080966939 Keating on Construction Contracts, 8th, Sweet and Maxwell, 2006, ISBN 9780421899902 Murray, R. Contract Law the fundamentals, 2nd, Sweet and Maxwell, 2011, ISBN 9780414048171 Owen, S. Law for the Construction Industry, 2nd, Longman, 1998, ISBN 9780582287082 Slapper and Kelly, The English Legal System, 13th, Cavendish, 2012, ISBN 9780203122358 Smith and Keenan, English Law, 14th, Longman, 2004. Smith, JR. Property Law; Cases and Materials, 5th, Pearson, 2012, ISBN 9781408280799. Turner, C. Unlocking Contract Law, 2nd, Hodder Arnold, 2007, ISBN 978034941966 Uff, J. Construction Law, 10th, Sweet and Maxwell, 2009, ISBN 9781847037671 Uff, J. Construction Law; Law and Practice relating to the Construction Industry, 10th Ed., Sweet and Maxwell, 2009, ISBN 9780421904200