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Final Project: EN 1010 If you could spend an evening eavesdropping on a handful


Final Project: EN 1010 If you could spend an evening eavesdropping on a handful of our writers or the characters they created whilst in lively conversation, which ones would you choose and why? In this 2 – 3 page script or ‘how lucky to be a fly on the wall’ moment, you are going to portray a conversation between the character Nora Helmer from the book A Doll’s House with Stanley Kowalski and Blanche DuBois from the play Streetcar Named Desire. I would like you and you to assume the roles of the characters and write as him or her. You can have them discuss a cultural/social or literary issue whether historical or contemporary (today’s society)—one that they could legitimately discuss even though you’re crossing the time/space continuum. You are going to want to show the characteristics of each character and the gestures that they make. You can use examples and quotes from the works. Be creative but also show me that you’ve thought about these works and their characters, their ideas, and relevant issues, and you’ve considered connections and applications based on that information. You’ll present your conversation in ‘script’ form, which should not have speech by author A then speech by author B, etc. Rather, it?should?be a back and forth, speak and respond, conversation. Think easy conversation at a café table on a late Saturday afternoon in spring, pre-mask, pre social distancing. Think a coincidental meeting on an airplane, or a large gala in which they simply find themselves in a corner, catching up. After completing this creative project, I want each of you to reflect on what you did. Include an at least one-page paper about the reason for choosing your ‘option’, process of writing, any challenges, your attempts to overcome them, your goal(s), your reasons for certain choices, what was most interesting, and how well you think you accomplished your goals/vision. Consider this like an artist’s statement that may be posted next to artist’s painting in an art gallery—and mix that with this short reflection. I will grade each person based on his or her author persona and on the overall conversation. Here are the specific elements I’ll be looking at: · Creativity & Effort · Analytical Thinking and Connections · Logical Content of Script · Knowledge of Author and Works · Flow of Script as a whole Link to A Doll’s House video (