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Imagine ten years from now another coronavirus disease quite similar to COVID-19


Imagine ten years from now another coronavirus disease quite similar to COVID-19 emerges. Given everything we know (or think we know) about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 now, design a governmental response to the threat. Think about not only the best way to grapple with controlling the virus itself, but the economic and social consequences of the public health response. How do we best handle the crisis? Think about how different US states and different countries reacted and how they fared. Use at least 6 citable sources. Perhaps the best place to start is to look at what different countries and different states did. What strategies worked that could be implemented in the United States? For simplicity’s sake let’s pretend that the country is not in the political divide that it currently is in (so states and people might actually follow recommendations from the federal government). Under these circumstances, here are some things to think about: Do you ban arrivals from other countries / enforce quarantines for overseas arrivals? Do you try to limit travel within the United States? Do you order a nationwide mask mandate? Do you order lockdowns, when, and for how long? Do you pursue aggressive testing and contact tracing? If so, when in an epidemic is it effective to do testing and contact tracing? Should states make their own policies or should there be a single federal (i.e., nationwide) policy? Do you put through a stimulus bill to keep citizens afloat during a lockdown? Do you keep schools open or do you close them? What do you think the balance should be between closing things down to defeat the disease versus keeping the economy moving? Assuming a vaccine gets developed, who gets prioritized for vaccination?