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Peacekeeping also has a checkered history of successes and failures in protectin


Peacekeeping also has a checkered history of successes and failures in protecting civilians and preventing more violence. In this assignment, you will consider the factors influencing the effectiveness of peacekeeping by examining a case of failure (the United Nations Assistance Mission in Rwanda) and a study on peacekeeping in eight recent conflicts in Africa. To understand what happened in Rwanda, watch Ghosts of Rwanda, a powerful film documenting both the failures of peacekeeping and the international community’s response to a genocide that killed over 800,000 people in 100 days. Following the film, read the Ford Institute’s study of factors that may lead to more effective peacekeeping and consider how these factors relate to the tragedy in Rwanda. Based on the film and reading, write a response paper (500 words minimum) addressing the following: Critique the international community’s response, particularly the United Nations, to the genocide in Rwanda. Based on the Ford Institute’s findings, what specific measures could have been taken by the UN at various points to respond more effectively to the crisis?