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Raymond is a 34-year-old man who wants to quit smoking. He has smoked a pack a d


Raymond is a 34-year-old man who wants to quit smoking. He has smoked a pack a day for the past 20 years but fears that continued smoking will have negative impacts on his health. Raymond is not sure that he can quit “cold-turkey” and has come to you to help him to establish a behavioral plan for quitting smoking. He has previously tried hypnosis, using a nicotine patch, and medications prescribed by his doctor, but nothing seems to be working for him to sustain a cigarette free existence. He is hoping that you can provide a more permanent solution to changing his habitual smoking behavior. For this scenario, plan a SCR study that will demonstrate whether your intervention is successful in addressing Raymond’s desire to quit smoking.The pack has 20 cigarettes and that would be the baseline in the design. he will apply a video camera to tape him self and checks in with a clinical adviser daily. whats neededMethods Section:Participants/Setting(s): Raymond
Materials: leisure activity, tv, Social media (as tokens)
Dependent Variable cigarretts
Procedures used: be sure to identify the research design. single case research design (SCRD)
Results SectionGraphical Representation of Data that meets APA Conventions for the selected graph(s).
Brief Overview of results
Discussion SectionSummarize effectiveness
Discuss limitations of study (based upon pro’s/con’s of design, # of participants, lack of generality, etc.)
article that should be used and added and you can add others:Hiscock, R., Murray, S., Brose, L. S., McEwen, A., Bee, J. L., Dobbie, F., & Bauld, L. (2013). Behavioural therapy for smoking cessation: the effectiveness of different intervention types for disadvantaged and affluent smokers. Addictive behaviors, 38(11), 2787-2796.
Requirements: .doc file