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The instructions below are for a group power point. Most of the assignment is al


The instructions below are for a group power point. Most of the assignment is already complete. I need you to review the attached power point. Write a I need the Intro and conclusion slides finshed with spearker notes. And ensure the attached power points meets the criteria of the directions below. Learned helplessness, one manifestation of transfer of learning, is an obstacle to full achievement of health and athletic goals. The following video segments describe the neurobiology of how chimpanzees and humans transfer learning and how learned helplessness develops. Watch the “Neuroscience,” “Cognitive Psychology,” “Mental Processes,” and “Learned Helplessness” videos available on the student website.Prepare a 10-minute Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes explaining how ideas presented in the video segments can be used to identify and overcome learned helplessness. Assume your audience is either clients for whom you are their wellness life coach, or coaches of high school athletes.Address the following in your presentation:Neurobiological changes evident in learned helplessness
Seligman’s reformulated (1978 and later) model of learned helplessness
Attributional feedback and other mediation techniques
Requirements: .ppt file