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The paper must be at least 3500 words. The cover page and bibliography do not co


The paper must be at least 3500 words. The cover page and bibliography do not count towards the word requirement. The paper topic, which was submitted in Module 2 for approval, must be: An analysis of a case study on a community, state, or region and its human security challenges. An analysis of one of the categories of threats. The paper should have the following sections: Title page Introduction: Introduce the case or category of threat and its relationship to the concept of human security. Main body: Discuss the causes and impacts of threat(s) to individuals and groups and the steps previously taken to respond to the human security threat(s). Analyze the reasons why the challenges and threats persist based on your assessment of the causes and policies developed by various actors. Discuss the specific actions or policies that should be taken to address the threats and by whom (international organizations, governments, civil society, etc.). Conclusion References Number of Sources The paper must use at least 10 scholarly references. You are welcome to add more sources or delete any of those listed in your annotated bibliography. Sources can include books, book chapters, refereed journal articles, organizational and government reports, and other published sources.