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You read chapters about middle childhood through early adolescence. Consider tha


You read chapters about middle childhood through early adolescence. Consider that there are many challenges for this age group: peer relationships, puberty, sexual identity, multicultural development, media/social media and anxiety to name a few. Reflect on your own experiences growing up when thinking about this assignment. For this assignment you will choose a movie or tv show that focuses on this age group (see Resources section for suggestions). Choose a character from the movie/tv show that you would counsel and create a dialogue discussing the issue at hand. Utilize your theory/theories and techniques in your dialogue. Once you have done this choose a creative therapy and reflect on your dialogue. You will need to reflect on your own experiences and your choice for picking this character. You will also be asked to research some creative therapies and choose what you would utilize for this student/client. Answer the following questions in a narrative APA format (See assignment for better format of outline): Introduction Name the movie/tv show you picked and a short summary about the character you chose Personal reflection reflection of your own middle school-adolescent experiences (whatever you are comfortable discussing) why did you choose the character? Reflect on the therapeutic dialogue with character issues for that character does social media play a role/in the movie/tv show? If so, describe how this influences the character. If not, what if that was added? How would this add to/or take away from the issues types of theory/theories used/techniques implications for character Creative Therapy description/certifications necessary/materials needed how has it been used before? Benefits/drawbacks why chosen for this client/student Types of sessions describe at least 3 sessions that you would have with this client/student utilizing the creative therapy discuss developmental approaches and why these would be appropriate