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Develop a PowerPoint presentation of 8–11 slides for a proposal, including 200–2


Develop a PowerPoint presentation of 8–11 slides for a proposal, including 200–250 words of speaker notes per slide, covering the following: The proposal should begin with a brief explanation of each separate technique listed below (1–2 slides).
Present your evaluation of 3–4 of the technique’s strategic contributions to the e-business’s market leadership for MedEd/CHC (3–4 slides). Choose 3-4 of the specific techniques listed below that you should evaluate in your plan: Personalized customer interaction
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Customer experience management (CEM)
Interactive relationship marketing
Mass customization
Conclude with a proposed plan integrating the same 3–4 of the strategic techniques chosen above to achieve the e-business’s CRM and relationship marketing objectives for MedEd/CHC (4–5 slides).
Use the presentation’s Notes section to describe concept applications in detail. Extra Instructions: Some of these concepts have been developed in different time periods, and have different meanings, depending on the source. In addition, for the third part, your marketing plan for each of the three or four concepts you choose: have details that are at least about three paragraphs, each, of specifics that you suggest for your vision of MedEd/CHC.
Requirements: .ppt file