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I’m working on a english question and need a sample draft to help me study.Part


I’m working on a english question and need a sample draft to help me study.Part OneName your focus topic (choose from the list developed in class)
Ask a question (make sure it’s not too simple, such as a yes/no question) about your focused topic
Revise the question into a statement
Add a group of words summarizing your key ideas
Acknowledge opposing ideas
Bring together your ideas
Find one or two sources that cover your topic (newspapers or news websites are good places for this, although you are free to choose. One great online newspaper without a paywall is The Guardian, a British newspaper with a US edition). Please provide a link, or links, to those sources.
Perform a basic CRAAP test for your source. While you do not need to use a numbering system in your response, evaluate your source using the five main criteria: Currency, Relevance, Authority. Accuracy, and Purpose.
Read the article, and pull out the main claim. Write it down below (you may use your own words, or a direct quote, or both).Is the claim arguable? Does the author put forward a convincing argument? How or why is it arguable? If it’s not, are you able to identify why? (You may choose to think of the rhetorical context overall – pathos, ethos, and logos – when answering this, although it’s not required. If you do that, think about whether or not, and in what ways, the effectiveness of the argument is affected by these other factors.) Write a response below.
Requirements: .doc file