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Only need to answer the following questions. 2 pages double spaced. APA7 formatI


Only need to answer the following questions. 2 pages double spaced. APA7 formatIdentify current problems and ergonomic hazards (see bulleted list below) associated with the layout of the workstation. Discuss the ergonomic hazards and identify the potential outcome associated with the hazard.
What recommendations do you have for improving the work task and workstation? Be sure to justify your recommendations by discussing the expected benefits for each recommendation. (include what Engineering controls and administrative controls you would use. Psychosocial factors also should be discussed.
Answer the two questions using Ergonomic hazards:Improperly adjusted workstations and chairs. Think about parts presentation as well as no chair. The ability to alternate between sitting and standing while doing fine assembly work is highly recommended.
Poor posture- prolonged static posture during assembly, poor posture while sitting
Awkward movements, especially if they are repetitive.
Using too much force, especially if it’s done frequently.
Temperature (too hot or too cold).
Presentation of the work- frequently used items should be in the primary work zone (directly in front of the person w/out having to reach), things used often should be located in the secondary work zone (directly in front with arms extended out).
Please write answers in APA 7 format.
Requirements: .doc file | APA | Essay | 2 pages, Double spaced