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Paper instructions : Please write in an OSCOLA format. And use all the Academic


Paper instructions : Please write in an OSCOLA format. And use all the Academic Books [search the books on Google Scholar], Law Cases, Statues and information I provided you, I would like sub-headings too. You may include your own information if you feel things are missing. I would like the Bibliography to at least be 30 – 35 resources max.The question of the coursework is : ‘Critically discuss the role of international human rights law in protecting members of minorities from the effects of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom’ Summary of what I like you to include: – Arguments why ethnic minorities in the UK suffer more COVID symptons in comparison to their white counterparts. Please make loads of references to economic, social and cultural issues this could include for example housing conditions, their health in general and food they eat which may contribute etc. – Speak about the BAME NHS staff.- It will be a good point to include religious perspectives for example how some BAME members e.g. those from the South Asian community may not want to take the vaccine on this ground.- Make brief links to other ethnic minorities for example the Hispanic, Asian and Black community in the United States but not so much as I would like the coursework to be based on the UK.- You can include as a for/argument point how Africa and Asia are handling the pandemic to their citzens in comparison to how ethnic minorities may be treated in the UK.- Include International Human Rights, WHO and the United Nations perspectives in relation to COVID and ethnic minoritiesSources to take into consideration:Please search the books on google scholar I would like you to use:Is ethnicity linked to incidence or outcomes of covid-19?Kamlesh Khunti, Awadhesh Kumar Singh, Manish Pareek, Wasim HanifBmj 369, 2020Covid-19 and ethnic minorities: an urgent agenda for overdue actionKamlesh Khunti, Lucinda Platt, Ash Routen, Kamran Abbasibmj 369, 2020Vitamin D concentrations and COVID-19 infection in UK BiobankClaire E Hastie, Daniel F Mackay, Frederick Ho, Carlos A Celis-Morales, Srinivasa Vittal Katikireddi, Claire L Niedzwiedz, Bhautesh D Jani, Paul Welsh, Frances S Mair, Stuart R Gray, Catherine A O’Donnell, Jason MR Gill, Naveed Sattar, Jill P PellDiabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews, 2020The impact of the risk of COVID-19 on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) members of the UK dental professionChet Trivedy, Ian Mills, Onkar DhanoyaBritish dental journal 228 (12), 919-922, 2020Evidence mounts on the disproportionate effect of COVID-19 on ethnic minoritiesTony KirbyThe Lancet Respiratory Medicine 8 (6), 547-548, 2020Greater risk of severe COVID-19 in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic populations is not explained by cardiometabolic, socioeconomic or behavioural factors, or by 25 (OH)-vitamin …Zahra Raisi-Estabragh, Celeste McCracken, Mae S Bethell, Jackie Cooper, Cyrus Cooper, Mark J Caulfield, Patricia B Munroe, Nicholas C Harvey, Steffen E PetersenJournal of Public Health 42 (3), 451-460, 2020Covid-19: NHS bosses told to assess risk to ethnic minority staff who may be at greater riskGareth IacobucciBmj 369, 2020Covid-19: Ethnic minority doctors feel more pressured and less protected than white colleagues, survey findsElisabeth MahaseBMJ 369, 2020COVID-19 Pandemic: Exacerbating Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Long-Term Services and SupportsTetyana P Shippee, Odichinma Akosionu, Weiwen Ng, Mark Woodhouse, Yinfei Duan, Mai See Thao, John R BowblisJournal of Aging & Social Policy, 1-11, 2020Black Lives Matter protests, social distancing, and COVID-19Dhaval M Dave, Andrew I Friedson, Kyutaro Matsuzawa, Joseph J Sabia, Samuel SaffordNational Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper Series, 2020 [Note it would be good to use this as an argument base the increase of protests the more COVID cases arise among the black community] US The disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on racial and ethnic minorities in the United StatesDon Bambino Geno Tai, Aditya Shah, Chyke A Doubeni, Irene G Sia, Mark L WielandClinical Infectious Diseases, 2020Association of race and ethnicity with comorbidities and survival among patients with COVID-19 at an urban medical center in New YorkRafi Kabarriti, N Patrik Brodin, Maxim I Maron, Chandan Guha, Shalom Kalnicki, Madhur K Garg, Andrew D Racine JAMA network open 3 (9), e2019795-e2019795, 2020Cases (Can you please write a case analysis paragraph)Belly MujingaNewspaper Article to include: and Statistics:
Requirements: .doc file