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Part 1:Individual Hazard Lithosphere Map Set This week you will complete the map


Part 1:Individual Hazard Lithosphere Map Set This week you will complete the mapping project for the lithosphere. This includes phenomena such as earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, etc… Be sure that your chosen hazard is related to the lithosphere and not the atmosphere or the hydrosphere. See Hazard Field Trip Project: Part 1 Instructions for details about this assignment and use the rubric below to help guide you in creating this project. This assignment addresses Course SLO 1, 2 & 3, and SPO 1, 2, 4 & 7. See your syllabus for SLO and SPO descriptions and definitions. Part 2 : Give your feedback about the course For this discussion board post please 1. (5 points) Create a reply outlining your advice for this class for future students. and 2. (5 points) Create a second reply Outlining your advice for me (your instructor) on ways to improve this class for next year. Part 3 : Evaluate and apply solutions to complex real world physical geography problems Overview To complete this discussion assignment you will collaborate using social media and discussion board tools to evaluate and apply solutions to complex real world physical geography problems. This assignment addresses Learning Outcome SLO 3 & Student Performance Objective SPO 7. See the syllabus for definitions and details. Directions Identify a current news story (within the past 6 months) about problems associated with the one of the following lithosphere topics: earthquakes, faulting, mountain building, or volcanism.
Post a web link to the news story in a new reply to this discussion board.
3.In your post (10 sentences minimum, using college level writing): Briefly summarize the lithosphere problem in the news story. Your summary should include mention where the story takes place, what caused the particular lithosphere hazard to occur and its impact on the local area.
Come up with your own solution to the problem and describe your proposed solution. Note: You don’t have to invent a solution to plate tectonics or volcanism…but what are your unique ideas about how to solve the problems they cause to humans?
1.Read your classmates’ initial posts and then post your reply, which should evaluate the solutions viability, real world application, potential limitations, cost, and likelihood of future adoption. The Instructor will monitor the posts and provide feedback using rubrics. An important Note on PLAGIARISM This is a reminder that any assignments you turn in to this course must be written in your own words. Copying from the internet or any other source can only be done if you put the text in quotes and immediately cite the source next to the quote. Although, you should refrain from this and instead put ideas gathered from your research into your own words. This is called paraphrasing. All of your assignments in this course are checked using Turnitin’s plagiarism detection software. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense with serious consequences. Please see the links below for suggestions on how to successfully paraphrase sources and how to avoid plagiarism in general. How to Avoid Plagiarism: Paraphrase: Write it in Your Own Words: Successful vs. Unsuccessful Paraphrases: Part 4 Hazard Field Trip Project Introduction One of the major projects in this class is to create a series of maps showing different hazards. This may seem overwhelming at first, but hundreds of other students before you have completed these assignments. The first assigned project will be a bit tough, but it will become easier week after week. What will you do? (Links to an external site.) These projects begin in week 3 and continue through the course. This project has two parts. The First Part of the project spans Weeks 3-5. The second part of the project is to create a pamphlet highlighting these hazards.. Week 3: Hydrosphere Hazard poster
Week 4: Atmosphere Hazard mapping project
Week 5: Lithosphere Hazard mapping project
Week 7: Hazard Mapping Pamphlet
In the first week of these projects, you will find existing maps, images and information online and create a poster presentation using Powerpoint, Publisher, Keynote, etc. about the hazard. The following two weeks, you will create and submit your own original maps of geography patterns. You will do this by using free online map makers. In the final part of the project, you will use your individual maps to become the “stops” along a virtual field trip pamphlet using the imagery in Google Earth, other images, and your researched sources. This project assesses Course Learning Outcomes 1, 2 and 3. See the syllabus for SLO and SPO definitions and descriptions. Be sure to check each weekly module for information about each assignments due that week.
Requirements: .doc file