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This is a take home exam that might be slightly different than any exam you have


This is a take home exam that might be slightly different than any exam you have done before. You are to answer four of the given six questions. Now external research isn’t necessary (meaning you don’t need references) but the ideas should, for the most part, be yours. Express your opinions and back it up with ideas learned in the course and discussed on the message boards. Your exam is due digitally (as a PDF file) to the Avenue Assignment box by 4 pm on December 22nd at 6pm. This exam will not be finished graded until early January. The exam grades will not be released on Avenue. This exam, if scheduled normally, would be given a time cap of 2 hours. This is an exam, not an assignment, so you are required to work aloneand to not do so is considered academic dishonesty (meaning the file will be subjected to ‘Turnitin’). Also, no late exams (even 1 minute) will be accepted and you will have to make arrangements with the registrar’s office to write a deferred. To note the deferred exam will not be a take home exam and will be completed as a traditional exam during the deferred examination period. It will also, likely, be in a different format. This includes any issues of network or computer problems so plan on handing in the exam at least 30 minutes early. Also no MSAFs are accepted. Exam grades will not be posted on Avenue as we are technically not permitted to do so (although some people do, it is actually against the rules).You are welcome to hand in more than one file, the newest one will be graded. What I would do it hand one in a few hours early just to make sure you get something in.Answer four of the following six questions on a separate sheet. No answer may be more than 450 words and you must include a word count for each answer. Anything written over the word limit will not be read. You will be assessed on the quality and depth of your answer. This includes thoughts being well backed up, original ideas and quality of writing. Make sure to be clear what questions you are answering.Good Luck and have a nice holiday!6)1) What is the essence of the Canadian identity? In what ways are Canadians similar to, or different, from Americans (or any other nationality/culture)? Feel free to use current events, such as COVID response, in your answer if you would like to.
2) What are some of the ways Canada’s unique geography (physical, social and/or cultural) will create challenges and opportunities in distributing and administering a COVID-19 vaccine?
3) Atlantic Canada (and other provinces) has(have) long benefitted from Equalization Payments. Do you agree or disagree with this policy? Explain your position.
4) How should Canada and Canadians respond to the Climate Change crisis? What are the intended and, potentially, unintended consequences of taking action or inaction?
5) What is meant by term “the tragedy of the commons”? How can you apply this theory to either current or past issues facing Canada?
What are the future prospects for cities, such as Hamilton, that were historically dependent on heavy manufacturing for employment? What measures can they take to improve their outlook?
Requirements: .doc file