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This Task required to read the attached materials in the Zip file, then answerin


This Task required to read the attached materials in the Zip file, then answering four questions. Please answer on an analytical level :).Requirements: .doc file | APA | Discussion | 4 pages, Double spaced Times New Roman Size 12 Fonthere are the questions, which are included in the zip file along with the articles needed to answer them :):1. After reading the Norsk Gjenvinning case (A), what thoughts do you have about the relationship between corruption and sustainability? Do you think that Erik and Reynir are doing what is right for business? Why or why not?2. Read the Norsk Gjenvinning case (B), What have been the effects of NG’s strategy? Is it working?3. In thinking about American corporations, what do you think is the “business” of business? What normative commitments and assumptions do you draw upon when trying to answer that question?4. The Unilever case is an example of a “first mover” strategy, we will read other cases with examples from companies that became sustainable after facing situations that forced them to do so. In this case, Unilever was being proactive, not reactive. Which is the better way for a company to act, why? What are the risks to being a “first mover”?
Requirements: .doc file