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This week, the additional reading examines the development of community partners


This week, the additional reading examines the development of community partnerships as a way to not only better the environment but also the Human Services professional. It highlights how working in and with a community exposes the professional to betterment action and personal growth.Read the article:Utilizing community practice experiences to build self-efficacy in future human service professionals (Warner, 2014)As you read the article, reflect on the following questions:What is the role of community collaboration as it pertains to Human Services program effectiveness?
The case study within the article describes Human Services students working within the community and how doing so increases their self-efficacy. How would this translate if it discussed the work Human Service organizations do within a community? What are the benefits for the organization?
How can using a systems approach to Human Services work impact an organization’s community reputation?
The article mentions the importance of self-efficacy for the Human Services professional. What does this mean to you?
Include your answer to each numbered question in a Word document. The focus for this assignment is on the quality of your answers, not how they are formatted.
Requirements: .doc file