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I need an essay for the lecture “New Product Development”, I am an exchange stud


I need an essay for the lecture “New Product Development”, I am an exchange student. The uni is extremely chaotic, I have not been prepared for this essay at all. Here is the description of the essay assignment: Choose competing products offered by different companies based on rival technologies, including different generations of a technology. Write an essay of 2,000 words showing what role technological innovation plays in the competitive process between the products. In the essay, you should make comparisons between the different approaches to technological and market development taken by the competing companies. The essay must draw on the frameworks for the analysis of innovation discussed in the course. Choose Well Defined Technologies as opposed to Technological Systems e.g., Organic vs. Conventional Farming or conventional vs online shopping: too big? Gather Technology Stories from the Internet, etc. Company web sites, annual reports, etc. BUT Wikipedia is not an academic reference source You must cite at least THREE papers from the seminar list Integrate ‘Technology Stories’ with Theory Concepts and theory from Lectures, Tidd & Bessant, Seminar papers Example for an essay topic: Android vs. iOS vs. Google I have attached a picture of a list of the seminar papers.