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This is considered the “final exam” for this course. The assignment includes two


This is considered the “final exam” for this course. The assignment includes two parts. For the first part, you will write at least three pages (double-spaced–not including title page or references) exploring a social problemof your choice. It can be one of the problems we discuss in class –homelessness, substance abuse, economic poverty, discrimination, etc. –or it can be an issue you select. Here is the basic outline of the first part of the paper: Give an overview of the social issue and who is most impacted by this social issue.-Present national and/or global statistics from approved data resources/sources. -Present causes of the social issue. Cite sources. -Present effects of the social issue. Cite sources. -Demonstrate how social workers intervene at micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Cite sources. Sources must include: -Include at least 3 peer-reviewed articles from academic journals.-Include at least 1 newspaper or op-ed article-References presented in APA formatThe second part of the assignment asks you toreflect on your understanding of the social work profession and your role in addressing some of the social problems we discussed in class. For this section of the paper, respond to the following prompts:1.What were your previous perception and understanding of social work?2.How have these changed (or remained the same) as a result of attending this class?3.Through this course,what did you learn about the role of social workers and the work they do in various settings? 4.What was surprising to you about the work social workers do? 5.Be sure to reference at least two of the videos you watched. 6.Given the social issues discussed in class and throughout the semester, how can you, in the future, help promote social change in respect to a social problem or topic discussed in this class? This section of the final paper will be a minimum of 4 double-spaced pages.