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A substantive comment should be approximately 350 words or more.Cite sources wit


A substantive comment should be approximately 350 words or more.Cite sources within your comment to support your statements.Include at least two reference, properly formatted, not just a link.Discussion: Winning/Losing Strategies for Domestic TerroristsBased on your readings and recent events:Give a recent example of a winning strategy (successful attack) by a domestic terrorist.
Now give a recent example of a losing (unsuccessful) terrorist attack.
Explain the objectives and the reasons for both outcomes.
NOTE: Please cite references for all posts, including your original post and all response posts.______________________________________________________________________________________________Module 2 – BackgroundTERRORISM AND DOMESTIC TERRORISM TACTICS AND VULNERABILITIESRequired ReadingRequired ReadingBoyd, J. (2011). Information warfare: OODA loop. Retrieved from…Brandt, P. T. and Sandler, T. (2009). What do transnational terrorists target? Has it changed? Are we safer? Journal of Conflict Resolution. Retrieved from…Cilluffo, F. J., Cozzens, J. B., and Ranstorp, M. (2010). Foreign fighters: Trends, trajectories, and conflict zones. The George Washington University, Homeland Security Policy Institute. Retrieved from…Silber, M. D., & Bhatt A. (2007). Radicalization in the West: The homegrown threat. New York City Police Department. Retrieved from…Libicki, M.C., Chalk, P., & Sisson, M. (2007). Exploring terrorist targeting preferences. RAND Corporation.Retrieved from…Mao, Tse-Tung (1937). On guerrilla warfare. Retrieved from… [classic]Mostaghni, M. (2010). OODA loop. Infantry, 99(1), 49-50. Retrieved from ProQuest in the Trident Online Library.The Al Qaeda Manual (2002). Department of Justice. Retrieved from…
Requirements: .doc file