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Compare early life in Massachusetts Bay with that of the Chesapeake region, cons


Compare early life in Massachusetts Bay with that of the Chesapeake region, considering ALL of the differences and similarities we have studied and read about. Include women, and use the Readings in American History selections besides the text. Where do you see the most freedoms? Where do you see the most solidarity? What can you identify as the beginnings of an American culture?Slavery: Discuss the nature of the infamous middle passage, the genesis of slavery (connection to delivered indentured servitude, labor needs, laws,codes and practices that helped to develop it, social causes); and then discuss specific examples of it using ONLY the text, the reader, and other items from the class. Be sure to discuss the middle passage as only a brief, initial part of your answer.Discuss how both Jamestown’s “variant values” (as outlined in the Breen essay) and the rationales of Bacon’s Rebellion can we seen as “seeds of our American culture, and ultimately, our movement for independence. (Materials from reading ONLY !)The ideological principles of the American Revolution were clearly identified in the reading. How seriously did American’s take them? Did different groups seem them differently? For example, what is the difference between Federalists and Anti-Federalists? How did this get played out in the early formation of the American government? Which side would you take in some of these debates? Make sure that your answer is about more than just the Federalist vs. Anti – Federalist debate.Each of these four questions needs tone answered with a detailed explanation. A paragraph or more would do.
Requirements: .doc file