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DESCRIPTION Each of you will be required to submit a final paper describing how


DESCRIPTION Each of you will be required to submit a final paper describing how a company’s human resources are a source of competitive advantage. You may choose a company where you have worked in the past, where you currently work, or a company with which you have a familiarity or interest. GUIDELINES Write an 8- to 10-page formal report (not including appendices) that addresses the following items. Include a reference list with 8 to 10 professional or scholarly resources. Briefly describe the organization’s relevant history, what it does, who its customers are, and any other pertinent information. Discuss the challenges and/or opportunities the organization faces. Describe the company’s key HR functions and analyze whether these practices are effective, including an explanation of why they either are or are not effective based on theories, models, and concepts of human capital management. Describe the major strategies you would recommend to improve the quality of selected HR management practices within your area of influence. Be specific and justify your approach. Discuss the value or impact that your improvements will have in driving competitive advantage. Evaluate your data management techniques and describe how you would measure and report the success of your plan. REPORT SPECIFICATIONS Your final report should adhere to these guidelines: Follow accepted research approaches and APA citation format. Be well-developed and convey your understanding of the readings and concepts. Be organized, coherent, and unified. Be free of spelling, structure, and grammatical errors. SOURCES Be sure to use published journal articles as your sources, not less-reliable Internet web sites. Reference your paper very carefully and tightly. Appropriate source journals include (among others): HR Magazine Academy of Management Perspectives Personnel Journal SAM Advanced Management Journal Journal of Management HR Focus Human Resource Development Quarterly Training and Development Public Personnel Administrator Strategic Management Journal Monthly Labor Review Journal of Applied Psychology The Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies Organizational Dynamics