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I’m working on a management report and need an explanation to help me understand


I’m working on a management report and need an explanation to help me understand better.CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1BACKGROUND OF THE RESEARCH Today, there are many mechanism or choices of investments in the market.The investments commonly refer to common stocks or shares, gold, bonds, money markets but the real estate markets remain significant part of the institutional investment portfolio. Property signifies a beneficial right to a thing. In our life today, there are so many philosophical on property as the main ideaproperty refer to rules and governing access to and control of land and other material resources (Gaus, 2016). The process in real estatemarketstartwithidentifying various markets trendsaccording to the property types, players and territories (Theurillat, Rerat, & Crevoisier, 2017). Real estate or property investment has been linked to investment to use to generate income and capability to hedge against inflation. Real estate isbeen categorized the largest assets for investors (Johnson, 2016). Despite the current challenges in the local and global economies, the property market industry remain intact in the long term. Investor invest in real estate due to the excellent yield at lower risk and the long term capitalappreciation. Qiao & Wong (2017) mentioned that the relationship between property size and property investment yield is an interesting issue in the real estate market. Real estate development is a multi-faceted business with both challenges and opportunities. The real estate and construction industries play a key role in economic growth. Report on the Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2020 show that the significant growth on gross domestic product (GDP) which 10 % of national GDP comes from real estate and construction industry which employ more than one millionemployees in Kuala Lumpur City Centre by year 2020. Commercial property is one of types of properties in Malaysia. It consist of shop house,retail, mall, hotel, warehouse and office space or office building.Geltner (2017) statedthat the commercial properties is a dynamicmarket in real estate industry which represent a major and main components of national wealth and capital markets compare to equities and fixed income whilecommercial real estate, create more stable income with occupied by the long term tenants (Rehring 2018). According to Bankrate Financial Security Index, July 2017, Real estateis the top investmentmeanwhile commercial is better investmentthanresidentialin term of earning potential. The higher capital growth and return on the commercial property investment is the factor contribute why, institution is more weighted comparable to other property assets. Commercial office buildings represent the largest in floor area in most developed countries and provision of building services to satisfy occupants’ comfort needs (Labeodan, Zeiler, Boxem, & Zhao, 2018). The purpose built office (PBO) market in Malaysia has shown positive developments and increasing level of competitiveness the development of purpose-built office market in Malaysia is basically determined by a supply-demand market (Safian, Bagdad, & Nawawi, 2017). Demand and supply is the process to determine theprice of the lease or letting in the real estate markets. Equilibrium indicates balance of supply and demand. In hot market rent rise as demands for space exceeds supply. Strong growth on Malaysia economy accompanied by the demand on the commercial properties especially office space market from local and foreigners. The average GDP for 5 years back above 5% . It show the demand on the office space is positive. Apart from that the service sector contribution is significant to Malaysia GDP especially in banking, telecommunication, tourism. The important investment on real estate investment as part of strategic diversification is been realised by public or private company even aninstitution.Roulac, S. E. (2017) stated that corporate property strategy today more sensitive in investment been made and it related to the management and board of directorsdirection on the planning. The study is divided into several key sections and begin with objective and problem statements followed by literature review, research methodology, finding and finally conclusion .based on the doc given chapter 1 until 3, please run the SPSS for chapter 4. give the SPSS that had been run. and based also on chapter 4 i have drafted to check either my chapter 4 is run SPSS well.
Requirements: .doc file