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note- please follow the marking scheme while writing Assignment Brief Coursewor


note- please follow the marking scheme while writing Assignment Brief Coursework description You are required to investigate the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the Wireless LAN rogue access point . You are
expected to research the technical details of the vulnerability, how it can be done, the impact of this
vulnerability, and the risks it poses on the networks and the businesses. You are also expected to
identify methods that are used or proposed to prevent attacks and mitigate those risks. Instructions -You are required to use the IEEE template • You are expected to use research papers and reference them in your document.
• Papers you reference need to be recent.Learning OutcomesThe following Learning outcomes will be addressed in this assignment: • LO2. Be able to describe, explain critically and assess wireless and mobile data communication
technologies deployed along with associated security issues. • LO3. Critically analyze 802.11 protocol information and demonstrate skills in designing secure
wireless networks • LO4. Apply suitable security measures to protect wireless networks against known weaknesses Marking Schemes:. It is advantageous if your report is structured in
a manner that reflects the allocation of marks
below: Abstract (max 100 words (discuss
scenario)) – 5 MARKS.Introduction – 10 MARKS.Literature review on the topic. – 15 MARKS.Technical background on the vulnerability- 15 MARKS.Risk assessment of the impact of the chosen
vulnerability/ies on the user/network – 10 MARKS.Methods to protect against this attack (Research
different methods) – 15 MARKS.Recommendation of a suitable solution to
mitigate the threats caused by the chose
vulnerability.-15 MARKS.Conclusion and further studies – 10 MARKS.References – 5 MARKS.Appendix (if needed) note: below attached was the IEEE templet
Requirements: .doc file