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Paper 3: Postman Postman, N. (1993). Technolopy: The surrender of culture to tec


Paper 3: Postman Postman, N. (1993). Technolopy: The surrender of culture to technology. New York, NY: Vintage Books/Random House. ISBN: 9780679745402. Neil Postman is a self-proclaimed provocateur, yet many interpret him as a chronic pessimist because of his insightful critiques of technology’s impact of culture and life. In particular, his definition of totalitarian technocracy provides a compelling perspective on the impact of technology on everything from communication to physical problems. Postman looks deep into culture shifts and even suggest a theology of technology. Because of his critical insights and challenging spirit, he plays an important role in conversations past, present, and future. (750 words) Q1: In his own way, how does Postman understand that strategic communication transformations are taking place? How would one talk about these transitions? Q2: What is the significance of technolopoly? How are these insights valuable to your research interest? Q3: How is Postman relevant to the future of Strategic Communication philosophy? What two aspects of his ideas should be reconsidered in this historical moment?
Requirements: .doc file | APA | Other | 2 pages, Single spaced