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Please reply to this discussion by explaining how the leadership skills they des


Please reply to this discussion by explaining how the leadership skills they described may impact your organization or your personal leadership, or by identifying challenges you see in applying the skills described. MAIN POST Key Insights from Scholarly Resources Leadership is defined in terms of an interactive process where followers are motivated and empowered to accomplish specific goals (Al-Dossary, 2017). Clinical leadership skills focus on patients and health-care teams rather than a formal leadership position. Leaders are responsible for ensuring the safe delivery of care, so they must be intimately familiar with the medical profession’s safety standards and protocols and their health-care facility (RNBSNONLINE, 2018). They are expected to supervise members of the nursing team to guarantee that all patients receive safe care. Successful nurse leaders maintain evidence-based practices within their nursing teams (RNBSNONLINE, 2018). This requires that nurse leaders be up to date and well informed about various medical practices. Leaders should always be willing to monitor the care that patients receive to ensure that the nursing team members are working toward optimum quality standards at all times (RNBSNONLINE, 2018). Nurse leaders take patient complaints seriously and address them appropriately. Successful nurse leaders achieve high-quality experiences for both patients and nurses (RNBSNONLINE, 2018). A few key insights to becoming a successful leader are to lead through their actions. People respect leaders who are confident and act like leaders and not followers (Beckers Hospital Review. n.d). Leaders need to recognize success and reward staff appropriately. Being transparent is another key insight into becoming successful. An open-door policy is a great way to conduct any business so that employees can feel you are open to ideas and care and respect them (Beckers Hospital Review. n.d). Treating everyone with dignity and respect is a must. No matter their station in the company, leaders must treat everyone equally and let them know how much they are appreciated for their efforts (Beckers Hospital Review. n.d). Leaders lead people on an exciting journey. They need to make people feel proud and relevant (Beckers Hospital Review. n.d). Examples of Behavior and Skills of a Leader As a contract nurse for most of my career, I have encountered many different leadership styles, such as authoritarian to laissez-faire. I currently work in a unit where the manager spends much time sending emails and text messages reminding staff of responsibilities and overall unit updates. She is willing to help out the unit by accepting assignments and working as a bedside nurse when staffing is low. Her leadership style is very open-door, and she has a very approachable demeanor, allowing her staff to feel comfortable expressing their needs, concerns, and dislikes. However, her unit lacks motivation. Full-time nurses have resigned due to the lack of support from her on the clinical side and their overworked feelings. The unit is an 8-bed unit that does not have a clear specialty and is often flooded with COVID-19 patients that are total care with multiple needs. Due to the lack of staffing, this floor can often cause feelings of exhaustion. References Al-Dossary, R. N. (2017). Leadership in Nursing. Contemporary Leadership Challenges. ? RNBSNONLINE (2018). Importance of Leadership in Nursing. ? Beckers Hospital Review (n.d). 12 Insights Into Great Leadership.