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TITLE Why the efficient and competent employees are leaving the company? BRIEF B


TITLE Why the efficient and competent employees are leaving the company?
BRIEF BACKGROUND Oman Computer Services Company (OCS) is one of the leading IT companies in Oman which established on 1982. Further, the company is part of the Zubair Group one of the biggest Marker groups in Oman. Consequently, the company’s structure and system are very rigid which are based on repeat enterprise customer. The IT sector is facing many challenges that arise mainly from the fast needs changing for both government and private sector. However, the company is still using the traditional way in its operations. Accordingly, thinking innovatively in using the latest technologies is essential wherein it moves the company to the forefront level. PROBLEM STATEMENT: “EMPLOYEE DEMOTIVATION” The employees at OCS are demotivated which leads to poor performance as well as employees turnover. Further, the company is not considering the human resources as a main asset in the organization wherein the employees feel that they are not important to the company. FRAMEWORK FOR ANALYSISLack of motivation at the company is a problem caused by various reasons such as the dominate leadership thinking style which is considered as “authoritarian leadership style”. The company’s procedure and structure is preventing the employees to express their creative ideas to innovate. Moreover, there is no career development opportunities designed for each employee, as the HR department is not conducting a training programs fairly to all employees since the training is conducted only for the technical people which seems they are the core business at the company. Hence, this demotivates others especially when they observe that people who are attending trainings are those who are mostly leaving the company for a better career or more salary as well as effective leadership style, and this is considered as a big matter because the company is investing money on their trainings however it leaves the competent staff easily rather than negotiate with them in order to not leave the company. It worth noting also lack of training this is my proposal based on you will paraphrase the attached assignment with company name Oman Computer Services company (OCS) and it should be the same format from begging to End with the same words count
Requirements: .doc file