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Your final essay should address some of the socio-political, economic, cultural,


Your final essay should address some of the socio-political, economic, cultural, industrial and/or aesthetic issues we have been examining in relation to different national cinemas from East, Southeast and South Asia. Analytical debates can center on decade-specific cinema or take a more comparative approach, analysing different regional exchanges since the late 1970s in pan-Asia. Essays should seek to demonstrate why your case study is important and be theoretically grounded and demonstrate close readings of filmic texts. In essence, you need to formulate an original thesis question that pertains to a key trope and/or visual motif found in one national cinema or across film industries in Asia, coming to explicate and then substantiate the originality of your position, term, or phenomenon in relation to existing secondary research.Put another way and in less sociological terms, your final essay may interpret a movement, canon, an artist’s oeuvre, a film genre, or polyvalent cultural production itself, thus expanding examples we have discussed in class or ones of your own choosing (provided, of course, that they are appropriate to the scope of this module: e.g. that you stay within the geo-cultural parameters of Asia). I require that your final essay:be a polished essay of 6,000 words (plus bibliography and or frame/image grabs);
ii) demonstrate some thoughtful independent research—meaning that you must make use of at least fourteen different secondary sources, ten of which must come from outside the required or recommended course readings—and Wikipedia and like online sources do not count;have a clear argument, organized logically and substantiated by concrete examples from films of your choice.
Requirements: .doc file | APA | Essay | 12 pages, Single spaced