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answers these questions based on the ppt, pdf and word doc i will send laterand


answers these questions based on the ppt, pdf and word doc i will send laterand If you see grammatical errors in the word file, fix plagiarismDo not use synonymsword docgood grammar 1.Please illustrate everything you know about the anti-discrimination law in the EU. Critically analyze its historical development, the examples. Finally give a critical feedback on this set of rules, pointing out which are its strengths and weakness accordingly to your opinion.2.Define what is “disability” in accordance to the UK legal framework3.Within the EU it is forbidden to discriminate on the ground of a set of elements. Please list all of them with their explanation4.Define the direct discrimination, the indirect discrimination and the positive actions. In addition, make an example of each of them5.Describe what is the ILO and list its main features and activities with their explanation6.Define the right to strike and explain if and how it is protected in the ILO legal framework7. talk about “In USA, the discrimination on the basis of the sexual orientation”8. talk about”In the EU, in case of gender discrimination”9. In EU, as a general rule if a job is traditionally done by people of a specific gender
Requirements: .doc file