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For this assignment, take a look through both the practitioner-oriented and scho


For this assignment, take a look through both the practitioner-oriented and scholarly-oriented journals discussed in the background readings. Pick a topic in finance that interests you. Then find two articles that relate to this topic from any of the four practitioner journals featured on the background page. Then find two articles on the same topic in any of the scholarly journals. These can be articles in any of the Google Scholar rankings, or any of the top 50 finance journals listed on Scimago. You will be writing about these four articles for this assignment. Case Assignment Once you have found your four articles and have reviewed them carefully, write a 5- to 6-page paper answering the following questions: Provide a brief overview of each article and also explain why you chose the article and what you found interesting about it. Don’t devote too much space to summarizing the articles, it is more important to emphasize what you found interesting. What major differences in substance and style did you find between the practitioner articles and the scholarly articles? Be clear and specific. This portion should be one and a half to two pages in length. Which of the four articles did you find the most interesting or useful? Which did you find the least interesting or the least useful? Be as specific as you can. Rate the articles both on substance and presentation. Based on these articles, what type of future research would you propose on this topic to follow up on the research of these authors? Is there anything from your own workplace or industry that could be used to investigate this topic further?