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I’m working on a management report and need support to help me learn.The require


I’m working on a management report and need support to help me learn.The requirement is to write 1000 word individual reflective on the training experience consulted by my group and peers. And a 4000 word count evaluative report which will provide a theoretical underpinning for the training event using a case study of an organisation. The report will be a personal reflection of the whole planning process undertaken
during training design (i.e. the training needs analysis and the rationale of training
topic, the learning objectives; the programme design and the methods & resources
required) drawing on relevant underpinning theories. The report should then
outline how you recommend any similar future programme should be evaluated. You
should conclude with a final section outlining key learning points from yours and
others’ training practice events(that is the 1000 reflective on the training events). I am to introduce a Performance Management System to the organisation then reflect on the training package I held for them. First, I will provide an extensive documents containing more information on this work including a powerpoint presentation. I need my Tutor to follow the recommended literature provided for this module, No plagiarism. Also a sample of the work will be provided to fast track the work. I need list of references and correctly cited in Harvard .
Requirements: .doc file