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I’m working on a micro economics test / quiz prep and need guidance to help me u


I’m working on a micro economics test / quiz prep and need guidance to help me understand better.*Focus on differences in theory.****Narrow your research down by corporation or industry****Obtain data of number of female ceo’s compared to males*Focus on differnces in therory.*Narrow your research down*Obtain data of number of female ceo’s*Can male and female style of management bring their styles together and make something great.Part 1: Title page:a. Follow the APA-style title pageb. Generate a draft title for your paper, followed by your name and “New Jersey City University” as your affiliation.c. Be sure to include and properly format the header, which appears on every page of this assignment (and your final paper) but is slightly different on page 1, on which you see the actual words “Running head:”d. No need to include “author notes” or “correspondence information.”Part 2: Consider a short AbstractPart 3: Main body (Citation practice): Write a summary of the main points in which you cite an idea or find from the sources being used; for example, the book or articles being discussed.Think about each of your written statements as your perception of each article’s “take-home point” or “bottom line”. Write in your own words, do not plagiarize and if you use a quotation make sure it is footnoted.Create accurate citations of the resources.Do not forget to include your title, centered in plain text, at the top of the page.Part 4: ReferencesArticles that are cited need to appear in a references list. (with the heading (References) followed by source entries).See the Publication Manual for the general format for journal articles or books.This is probably the hardest part of this assignment. Take your time, and carefully double-check everything. Do not use auto-formatting software; you will learn the correct style more by doing it on your own (and will be able to spot errors more easily when they occur).
Requirements: .doc file