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Ransomware attacks 2020-2021Recently, cybersecurity researchers have shown that


Ransomware attacks 2020-2021Recently, cybersecurity researchers have shown that ransomware attacks doubled in number. In the first quarter of 2020’s financial year, ransomware attacks have dramatically increased due to the home-office working that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought along. It is pointed out that the main reason for this increase is the lack of cybersecurity measures during this process of home-office working.Compared to the previous years, the increase rate in 2020 is the highest due to the chaos that has been created by the cybercriminals. Attackers have carried out many attacks one after another to infiltrate into the companies and to steal their data. Furthermore, many ransomware families have improved their skills of stealing sensitive data from various sectors such as banking, financial services, governmental services, insurance and manufacturing sectors.Ransomware attacks are a great danger to all organizations regardless of their sizes all over the world. This type of attacks allows attackers to access the organizations networks. In this way, sensitive or financial data can be turned into inaccessible for organization’s by means of encryption. Cybercriminals demand ransom from the organizations for the encrypted data. Meanwhile, they generate profit out of these data by selling them on cybercrime forums.Marks: 5Required:4. What is a computer virus? Cite at least three reasons why no system is completely safe from a computer virus. Discuss specific to the scenario given abovethe reason should be from the senario please write ir in very simple way and use very simple words ,,not less than 500 word
Requirements: .doc file