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This assignment has to be +/- two A4, not counting the cover page, sources and a


This assignment has to be +/- two A4, not counting the cover page, sources and appendices. Lettertype size: 10-11. 1. Describe and analyze the health situation of a migrant/refugee at the European border, using the health model (I have added the health model as attachment). This needs to be substantiated with at least 3 sources. Furthermore there has to be a short introduction of the person/refugee you have in mind: who is he/she, what is his/hers situation at this moment (you may choose and this person doesn’t have to exist) 2. give a description of the risks which come with the heal situation as analyzed in step 1 or will occur if said situation does not improve. 3.based on the analysis of the health model and the risks you found in step 2, describe which organisation are or could be involved to positively impact the health of the refugee. 4. Form 3 recommendations, based on your finding in the previous steps. give 2 recommendations to the refugee on how they can positively impact their own health. give 1 recommendation to one of the organisations you described in stept 3 on how to positively impact the health situation of their client/patient/etc. if you have any question feel free to ask. kind regards.