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Assessment 1 (30%)An individual 3,000 word marketing portfolio focusing on one o


Assessment 1 (30%)An individual 3,000 word marketing portfolio focusing on one of the following – a product brand or citybrand or service brand or event brand of student’s own choice (Title Page, Executive Summary, Listof Contents, List of Tables and Figures (where appropriate), reference list and appendices (whereappropriate) are NOT COUNTED IN THE WORD COUNTPrepare a marketing portfolio which addresses the following:1) provides background information about a product brand or city brand or service brand or eventbrand of your own choice and its marketing environment2) Explores their current branding marketing mix and marketing communications strategy3) Critically evaluates strengths and weaknesses of their marketing communications strategy. Here youneed to discuss their marketing communication strategy, do not mix it with SWOT analysis.4) Proposes a preliminary draft for a future marketing communication strategy5) Surprises me with ORIGINAL and interesting thoughts.This marketing portfolio should focus on a case study of a product brand or city brand or service brandor event brand of your own choice. The report should be underpinned by references to a wide range ofsecondary sources ranging from academic and industry related to those specifically related to the chosencase study. Further guidance will be provided in class (see week-by-week programme).Remember that this is a marketing report, not an essay. Therefore, it should not be written in continuousprose but should have relevant subheadings.All references should be in the Harvard style of referencing and the report should include the following: Title Page Executive Summary (200 words max) List of Contents List of Tables and Figures (where appropriate) Relevant headings and subheadings in the main body of the report (e.g. 1. Introduction; 2. productbrand or city brand or service brand or event brand and its Marketing Environment; 3. BrandingMarketing Mix 4. Marketing Communications: Strengths and Weaknesses; 5. Future MarketingCommunications Strategy; 6. Conclusion) Reference list AppendicesExcellent Reports will: Take a point of view and justify it Address all the aspects of the assignment Demonstrate a systematic approach in management of the information supported by a logicalprogression of ideas, i.e. provide a good structure which enables development of the argument Be clearly underpinned with both appropriate theory and chosen case study specific examples Rely on a wide range of both theoretical and case study specific secondary sources, all of which willbe professionally cited with the appropriate referencing style Combine critical appraisal with practical information Make sure that sections (and any sub-sections) are related. Develop skills of ARGUING critically and creatively. This means applying your material. Be presented to a very high, professional standard Reference, reference and referenceAs per school rules regarding UG marking guidelines –see UG Handbook. Besides these, here are somemore specific criteria Reference style: Harvard StyleSubmit an electronic copy of your completed report to Moodle ‘Turnitin’ on Moodle Website of themodule by TBCFIND A BETTER FORMAT OF THE DIRECTIONS IN THE ATTACHED FILE UNDER “ASSESSMENT 1”
Requirements: .doc file | Essay | 12 pages, Double spaced