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For Milestone One, you will submit the background for the problem and your resea


For Milestone One, you will submit the background for the problem and your research of three innovative technologies that have the potential to address the
specific business scenario identified for the final project. You will identify the technologies that you considered, document the advantages and disadvantages of
each technology relative to the business scenario, identify which technology you have selected for the scenario, and provide justification for your selection.
Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed: 1. Needs and Challenges: What is the need or challenge of the organization? What are potential ways to address that need or challenge? How can it be
improved? 2. Innovative Technologies: What are three innovative technologies that can be used to address the needs of the organization, and how do the technologies address the needs?
3. Assessment: Assess the technologies with regard to cost, implementation, potential benefits, and stakeholder effect. Be sure to comprehensively address
each component of the assessment for each of the three innovative technologies. 4. Selection: Based on the assessment, which innovative technology best meets the organization’s needs and why?
Guidelines for Submission: Milestone One should follow these formatting guidelines: 5–7 pages, double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch
margins, and citations in APA format.
Requirements: .doc file