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2000 words essay and courseware will upload lateruse British english and Harvard


2000 words essay and courseware will upload lateruse British english and Harvard referencing styleEssay Topic: A Critical Literature Review of a chosen marketing contextThe review should include the following elements:- produces a critical literature review of a marketing context- evaluates a chosen organisation in this chosen context using secondary data- makes recommendations to the organisation based on the analysisLiterature review is a piece of academic writing which critically evaluates the current literature on a specific topic. Student should assess the already available published work on the chosen topic. This essay should provide a comprehensive review of the literature specifically focused in the topics covered in the lectures, including, Corporate Marketing, SME Marketing, Fashion Marketing, Sustainability Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sustainable Fashion Marketing and Place Marketing. The literature review should demonstrate an understanding of the field. Students should outline and review the key theoretical development in the area in a critical manner and avoid descriptive analysis.The following assessment criteria will be used:Ability to demonstrate an understanding the chosen issues / contexts and their theoretical models and conceptsAppropriateness of theoretical analysis (relevance of theoretical frameworks / concepts; effectiveness and quality of theoretical analysis; evaluation and critique of essential aspects of the work)Appropriateness of application to an organisation (Justification of company choice; effectiveness of applying theories and concepts, and making appropriate recommendations to the organisation)Essay structure and presentation (Cohesion of answer; use of academic English; Grammar)Evidence of research and standard of referencing (range and appropriateness of sources of information; correct use of academic referencing technique)
Requirements: .doc file